About Mimi Alysa

Assalamu'alaikum Wr Wb Dear Ladyloves,

SimplyMii is Mimi's passion and love for fashion. The designer, who was born from a mother who also loves fashion, is eager to design her daily and ready-to-use clothes since her tender age. Her style is simple and sweet.

Mimi's journey of wearing hijab started after her gorgeous baby girl, Xebi Alysa, was born, looking at the beautiful and innocent face, Mimi would like to be a good role model for the little angel. As a matter of fact, hijab for Muslima is definitely mandatory, so by saying 'Bismillah' Mimi decided to wear hijab for the first time.

Mimi believes that wearing hijab is one of our devotion to Allah SWT. thus this is not only vertical relationship, but also to reshape new modern Muslim's image in the world.

SimplyMii first collection was launched in August 2011, you could see the complete Series in this blog. Enjoy all SimplyMii collection, and you may choose it as your main option for your simple and sweet daily wear.

Mimi Alysa
Founder and Principal Designer