Wednesday, 8 January 2014

SimplyMii Jena Top Limited Edition

Assalamu'alaikum Ladyloves,

It's Holiday........since Xebi Alysa's school day will start again in Jan 15, we still have a week to refresh our mind. This time we are off to Malang Jawa Timur to enjoy a bit fresh air and beautiful scenery.

The Jatim Park is located in Batu City, approximately 30 km from Malang City (to the West), and inside the park there is awesome zoo called Secret Zoo. The Secret Zoo is very modern and it is not only for showing animals but a lot of fun parks for Kids are available as well e.g.: Playground, Swimming Pool, indoor fun games, etc.

The trip is worth it since many education-content in the park are very valuabl, and don't miss The museum, next to the park, is quite awesome as well with collections of dead animals/bone replica  from all corners in the world from the US to Australia, from Afrika to Asia - from T-rex to Tiger Shark.

 Mimi Alysa Wardrobe: Jena Top Tribal IDR 235,000 and Babybow Hareem Blue IDR 225,000

Jena Top is very comfy for light trip, the outer will keep you look great and convenient. The Babybow Hareem will make you move freely especially coping with children or never-stop-running kids.

After that, we move to Jambuluwuk Resort, this place near the mountain top, probably 2 km from Jatim Park 2. The breezy wind, thick fog and countless of green pines are perfect for your holiday. In addition to that, the coffee shop near the swimming pool - with some billiard tables and flying fox facilities,  is ready to serve you with hot chocolate or hot cappuccino.

Mimi Alysa wore Jena Top Printed Flowery - this is a limited edition IDR 235,000 and Baby Hareem Denim Blue IDR 225,000.

Since our followers on Instagram are fancy with Simple Hijab Tutorial Style by Mimi Alysa, Insha Allah we will soon assemble our team, grab our laptop and create the book and video for you in "The Art of Simple Hijab". Follow the hashtag #theartofsimplehijab on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - Stay Tuned Ladyloves.

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