Friday, 30 January 2015

Fantastic February Part II: The new Bestie Top Limited Edition

Assalamualaikum #Ladyloves,

Alhamdulilah February is coming, and we have a bit surprise for you with the Bestir Top Limited Edition, probably it's already sold out now. The cutting, materials, and pattern are effortlessly chic, simple and sweet. So, here we go, let's enjoy the day with the new Bestie Top.

Color: Blue - Purple Flowery Pattern
Material: Wolfis
Size: SM and ML (standard size) but also available custom size.
Price: IDR 225,000

Available at MEIN Designers.

Little Misha didn't want to sit far away from her mom, so she smiled a bit to the camera and to you. She said "hi" to all ladyloves during the photoshoot.

Have a great day......

The Classic SimplyMii - Baby Hareem is perfect for the Bestie Top, the timeless and sweet Baby Hareem will never go wrong.

Enjoy it Ladyloves.

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