Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sweetember Part 3: Jollie Pants and New Lona Tunic

Assalamualaikum #Ladyloves,

Happy Eid ul Adha Al Mubarak.

As a present for you, we finally published some of the new arrivals as part of Sweetember Series.

Jollie Pants:

The Jollie Pants are the comfortable and stylish pants for the September. The Denim material is proven to be tough and timeless and the jogger style will be perfect to accompany you for Sunday stroll or other casual week ends. You'll find it so easy and convenient when you have to take wudhu and do daily prayer. 

Jollie Pants | Basic Material: Interlock Cotton Denim  |  Size: SM - ML - XL | 
Color: Denim Blue and Grey |  Price: IDR 295,000


Lona Tunic is one of SimplyMii Best Seller, the demand is overwhelming, and we have to catch up quickly to keep our customers happy. The Lona Tunic was inspired by Kids Baloon Dress, but Mimi Alysa modify it to become cute Muslim Wear. For the basic material, We love Baby Terry Cotton, since it is soft, and perfect for September windy season. Let's have fun Ladyloves. 

The new Lona Tunic | Basic Material: Baby Terry Cotton  |  Size: SM - ML - XL | 
Color: White Flowery Pattern |  Price: IDR 315,000

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