Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Simply Swim Set - Spring/Summer 2016

The SimplyMii Swim Set is finally published for all SimplyMii Lovers. Mimi Alysa spent lots of time to create a perfect swimming suits. Normally, Muslima Swimming Suits are either made with quite thin materials, it would make the user uncomfortable or when they get out of the water, and wet of course, all the underwear will be visible to everybody, which is not ideal situation for a Muslima. 

Mimi Alysa idea is to create a perfect swimming suit with nets so it will cover customers who want to protect their body and make sure that it is made with the best material available -- scuba materials precisely, thus it is excellent for any swimming activities in swimming pools or at the beaches. 

The Scuba Materials will make it seamless and comfy to swim (hydrodynamic) and the net outers is so light so it will make swimmers feel that they don't wear it. Thus, they can focus on the activities. 

Simply Swim Set

Material: Neoprene (Scuba Materials)
Color option: Black (Top and bottom) and Gold (net outer)
Other new colors will be announce soon.

One set will get:
- 1 pc of Swim Turban
- 1 pc of Top
- 1 pc of Net Outer
- 1 pc of Bottom

One Set Price:IDR 755,000

The simply swim set is
Available for Pre-order.
Please contact Customer Care for further information.

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