Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Miracle of March Part II. Thalia Blouse

Design Story:
SimplyMii Lovers want outfits that easy to wear, practical, simple but sweet. Mimi Alysa has spent enormous time to think about it. And finally the Thalia Blouse is born. It is combining simple blouse and outer. So you'll feel that you wear a dress even though it is not.

Basic Material: Wool Peach
Size option: SM and ML
Color: Tosca and Pink
Price: IDR 325,000

Design Story:
The Rainy season has come, windy and wet weather become normal. Thus we need something to protect us, and the Basic Simple Tunic is definitely the answer for that. The long Tunic will cover your body and with light material, you can move freely without any hesitation.

Basic Material: Wool Crepe
Size option: SM and ML
Color: Blue
Price: IDR 265,000

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